• Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association-- Jiang Feng

    AWE has larger scale, more categories, and more exhibitors, especially international ones. It is also enriched with technology and new products. AWE has reached international standard.

  • Vice CEO and CMO of Haier --Zhou Yunjie

    As the largest and the most prestigious Appliance Expo in Asia-Pacific area, AWE has received attention from manufactures, both in and abroad. It's also the weather vane of new technology and new products development.

  • CMO of JD.com--Lan Ye

    AWE provides manufactures a fancy stage to show our overall strength, provides consumers the best way to know the latest products.  JD.com is willing to join in every AWE with the maximum of passion in the future.

  • President of BSH China--Gerke

    Having been to AWE for many years, AWE is improving every year. BSH is regarding AWE as the most important platform to show new products to consumers and media, and will launch new Siemens multi-door refrigerator there this year.

  • Vice-President of Samsung Electronics Global --Dochul Choi

    Why bother traveling long distance to see IFA in Berlin, when we have AWE in China which is comparable with it?

  • Vice-President of LG China --Song Jiaoying

    China is one of the most important markets for LG. AWE has built up a great platform for us to show our products. LG will develop and sell more products which are suitable for Chinese consumers.

  • Director of Home-Appliance BU of Shanghai Hitachi-Guo Tianjian

    AWE is exceeding itself every year. AWE has more categories, more exhibitors and more audience in 2013. And it is also more professional.

  • Board Member and Vice President of Hangzhou Robam--Zhao Jihong

    Robam thinks highly of the cooperation with AWE, and hopes to express the latest products and brand idea via AWE.

  • CEO of Industrial Designers Society of America -- Clive

    The design of home-appliances must base on consumers' needs. AWE is not only an opportunity to learn the design from China, but also a platform to observe the needs in Chinese market.

  • Associate Director and Press Spokesman of Galanz Group--Lu Jilie

    Unprecedented scale, A-list brands gathered, AWE is the best place to understand home-appliance development. 

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